The story of the 3 brother

The story of three brothers and presentation of the house Out of the hotel school in 1994 after St. Peter have obtained diplomas "service Bep Cap / kitchen and Professional catering tray with words " SO What Many Professional experience very rewarding , Garry Sees self Entrust Keys to Keeping a time of CE SES parents' house . After learning not in the kitchen His brother Franck joined him in 1995. THEY decide to buy the restaurant together. Then in 2000 Vincent Hotel School graduate son get cooking in high school St Pierre brothers and join SES IN association. The three brothers working together Desormais The bistro cuisine East Type: flavor , authenticity, and points of originality in June Fresh Produce Quality , firings Righteous of Tasty dishes , presentation of dishes Sonian . Our strong point : " Regularity " ESTABLISHING A contemporary model WAS entirely redone in 2006; IL Features Including 2 June rooms upstairs June OFFERING very nice view of the harbor ; Downstairs, the kitchen open to the dining room EST Across two windows Which allow you to watch Our chefs pride themselves on Du long service. You can aussi Enjoy the sheltered terrace and heated The brothers and son Ducrocq Crew Welcome you lunch Tuesday through Sunday and dinner Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Not pay any information do not hesitate to contact us . Tel: Website: WE wish you a great day . Brothers Ducro